Desiree (historical fiction)
by Annemarie Selinko

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A classic historical novel which I completely enjoyed. 

A silk merchants daughter, Desiree Clary (1777-1860), is reborn through these wonderful words of Annemarie Selinko.  In youth, Desiree is thwarted in love by none other Napoleon Bonaparte. Desiree, through thick or thin, rises triumphantly  to the throne as Queen of Sweden.  This book will take you through some romantic and political twists and turns.  History comes alive in the surprisingly accurate account of Desiree Clary, first love of Napoleon.  

"You have made my life a misery, and I am yet weak enough to forgive you."
~Desiree in a letter to Napoleon after
      learning of his marriage to Josephine~

~Happy Reading~

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