The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale

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Based on Grimms fairy tale Goose Girl, Shannon Hale creates a delightful story for all.  You'll whip through this so fast and be clambering for more.

The story begins..."She was born Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Islilee"... let's call her Ali.  Ali becomes the victim of a devilish plot, and slowly finds her inner gifts to overcome and reclaims her position as Princess of Kildenree.  I believe Grimms original tale ends with "and they lived happily every after".  You'll have to read the book to find out how this one ends!

Hale does not create a perfect heroine.  Ani's flaws and fears drew me in and her magical intuitions gave me hope.  I love the part mythical, part medieval setting, the twist and turns, and non-stop adventure.

For book groups you can easily read the original Grimms tale and compared the two works.  We had fun doing this at our book group.  

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