King Lear
William Shakespeare

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An great and horrific tragedy!  Extremely entertaining too!

Ok, here is the low down on King Lear. So there is this king who loves his daughter Cordelia above the other two, Goneril and Regan (they just happen to be evil).  Now Cordelia, the beautiful and good daughter, makes the King mad and in anger he bequeaths all his fortunes and powers to the evil sisters.

   Well this gets pretty complicated, but even more exciting, as a second plot opens.  A father, two sons (one villainous, one angelic) and a scandalous letter of a murderous plot are now entangled into the tragedy. 

Without giving away the entire story, I will say Shakespeare takes the story to the peak (did I mention the suicidal jump) of dramatization!

For those who have never read Shakespeare, it helps to get an edition with explanation included.

Happy Reading

In honor of President Gordon B. Hinckley, who loved great books and Shakespeare.

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