The Peacegiver
How Christ Offers to Heal Hearts and Homes
by James L. Ferrell

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After reading this book I found myself looking at everybody through different eyes--  Christ-like eyes!  It was amazing!

At first I wasn't sure I was going to relate to this book.  The story begins with the a husband, Rick in pain over his more than difficult wife and collapsing marriage.  But in a spiritual (and scriptural) traveling dream, guided by the spirit of his dead grandfather, Rick's journey becomes our journey--a journey of truth and forgiveness and humility and understanding and Christ-like love.  This dream masterfully shares profound truths about the atonement of the Savior through the use of simple biblical passages.  

This book was chosen for our Christmas book group for its message of peace and  its similarity to the famous story A Christmas Carol.  Rick is taken on a dream-like journey in the night, much like the character Ebenezer Scrooge.  In the end, both turn to a better life and we come away resolved to do the same.

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