The Chosen
by Chaim Potok

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I was a son to my father...
And he taught me and said to me...
"Let your heart hold fast my words..."

Ok, this is on my top 10 list for most intriguing books ever read.  A good book should teach.  The Chosen teaches on so many levels. I questioned my own convictions, my understanding of true love and parenting.

Set in the 1940's, Brooklyn, New York, two teenage Jewish boys, Danny and Reuven find commonality among a conflict of family ideologies.

The underlying message for me--
There will always be opposition in following a less traveled path.  There are some who will never understand you and I for our religion, politics, important works etc.  Sometimes even those we love.  Get on with what you must do.

The sequel to this one, The Promise, is quite different, but there are new lessons to learn.  Share your review with the club!

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