The City of Embe
 by Jeanne Duprau  

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Why did this book have to end?  Wow! The City of Ember is filled with emotion, excitement, and intrigue. 

Our whole family read this book within a few weeks.  We all loved it.  It was super fun to watch everybody get through it .  The hard part was not giving anything away. 

Two kids, Doon and Lina are normal kids just like you, but they live in a very different world.  Their city is surrounded by complete darkness.  Ember has survived in isolation for over 250 years only to find itself running low on, among other things, light bulbs (the only source of light). 

How will they see, work, and play in total darkness? 
Will they find new supplies in time?
And the big question, how did Ember begin?

Let us know what you thought of this book and then don't forget to read the sequel The People of Sparks

Ember has the same flavor as The Giver.
                                                                   Review of The Giver
~Happy Reading~

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