By The Great Horn Spoon
by Sid Fleischman

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Hold onto your hats people and get ready for a rip-roaring adventure!

If you're a kid (or a kid want-to-be) and have not read By the Great Horn Spoon--well, itís time to put this novel under your belt!  Of course this is only for lovers of high suspense, clever and diverse characters, and fast-moving and intricately woven tales.

Find out how two unlikely characters (Praiseworthy, a proper butler and Master Jack, a twelve year old boy) find true pay dirt during California Gold Rush!  (By the way, this book gives some essential  and practical tips for those plannin' on  engaginí in gold prospectiní).

Without giving too much away, my favorite part is when Master Jack saves the pig.  I also love seeing the gradual change come over the main characters (especially Praiseworthy).  A little tip--Donít pass over the amazing illustrations too quickly.  Some are worth thorough examination! 

Come back and add your review.  Whatís your favorite part?  Did you like the ending?

                                                                ~Happy Reading~

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