Hank The Cowdog
by John R. Erickson

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(please read the following review using a Texan drawl)

"It's me again, Hank the Cowdog!"  So begins the adventures of Hank (Head of Ranch Security).  Hank is the funniest dog ever! 

Did I put this book review under Children's Books?  Oh my!  This is really one for you grown-ups!  It is like the old Road Runner cartoons.  They were made for the kids, but Dad couldn't stay away! 

I really believe I could make a billion dollars on a Hank the Cowdog stuffed toy!  He would have to talk.  He could have accessories, like a collar with a chicken head attached. 

Kids, please add your thoughts on other accessories for Hank the Cowdog toys.  We could call it Hank the Cowdog Cuddly or, um, Huggy-Buggely Hank, or, um, HELP!

                                             ~Happy Reading~                               (secret door)

ps.  I know this is a book club, but get the CD too!  Mr. Erickson does Hank like no dog can!

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