Cultural Arts

Opera Night - We have a monthly Opera night: we gather at a sisters house and watch an opera, with a sister who happens to be an Opera singer and enthusiast, we enjoy the music, background about the opera, its composer and the artists as well as light refreshments. - Mary Townley

A Night Among the Stars! - Have a talent show. Let everyone share their talents. Let people know that they don't have to stand up and sing. There are a lot of other talents to share. Have everyone bring some things that they have made, or things that might represent them to put on a table, and let them explain it to everyone. You can also have people share a talent of someone else that they might know.

Music, Music, Music - Teach a class on how to approach classical music. Use THESE tips from our Sunday activities page.

Cultural Night - Have classes that everyone can rotate to. these might include: Great Literature, Music Appreciation, Intro to Art History, etc.

Art Night - Have an art night, where everyone can take a class and learn about different forms of art. you will have to round up some talented teachers, but people would be able to choose which class they would enjoy, for example: Oil painting, sculpture, drawing, water colors, etc.

Food from Around the World - Have a potluck. have everyone bring food that represents a different country. After the meal, have a few people from different countries demonstrate how they made their food and hand out the recipes.  - Rachelle Anderson

A Night Among the Stars - Spend the night as a pioneer woman in this activity. The first thing needed for this activity is a fake campfire to be put in the middle of the floor. This could be made with tissue paper, silk fabric, an orange light (or orange fabric and a white light inside), a small fan, etc. Do your best to make it realistic (or find someone creative in your ward to build it). Decorate the walls with covered wagons and maybe some cactus, etc. Have all the enrichment committee and anyone else asked to participate to where pioneer clothes. For the activity, when each woman arrives, put a flower in there hair. Teach some dances, like a polka, around the campfire. Eat stew, rolls and maybe some apple cider around the campfire (have some chars for those who can't sit on the floor. End the night by having one woman tell her story about what happened that day to her on the trail, ending with a spiritual thought. - Rachelle Anderson

Dances from Around the World - We had dances from around the world. We all sat in a large circle with the stage in the middle. They wore authentic costumes which made it all the more interesting. It was amazing to learn about the heritage and talents of the sisters and youth in your ward. - Kristy Danis


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