Homemaking Skills

Dinners Ready - Have a dinner swap ... where you make and freeze a meal (4 of them) and switch with 4 other sisters you have 4 new recipes and meals ready to serve your family..also can bake some that night to taste test for a fun get together or a whole dinner.

UFO Day - We held a "UFO Day"... Un-finished Object Day, where the sisters brought their unfinished projects to finish. We had a table set up for each project such as, woodcraft/painting, scrapingbooking, sewing etc. Everyone brought a sack lunch and we provided a nursery. It was great fun and good company, beside getting those unfinished projects done! - Brenda

30 Meals in on Day - We had an evening where we taught how to make 30 meals in one day. We talked about freezing meals and gave tips on what typed of food freeze well. We used Deanna Buxton's book as a resource. http://www.30mealsinoneday.com/ - Kim

ABC Homemaking Skills (a version of the 5 minute lesson) - Have each sister sign up to teach a homemaking skill starting with a letter of the alphabet, each lesson should only take 2-3 minutes. This is also a fun way to get more sisters out to enrichment, if they have signed up to do something they are more likely to be there. - Christine Jensen

Back to Basics Night - Teach classes on canning, sewing, crochet, knitting, baking bread without a bread maker, etc.

Get Organized! - Have a class on getting organized. There are lots of ideas on line for getting your house and time organized.

First Aid - Have a doctor, nurse or scout person come teach a basic first aid class. They can show what is necessary in a first aid kit, and some basic survival skills in case of emergency. Be sure to have numbers and addresses where they can go to get certified.

What Works for You - We had a panel of guests who taught "what works for you" topics included FHE etc.. - Naomi

Getting Rid of Clutter in our Lives - We video taped different sisters homes and organizational ideas and used Julie Morgenstern's book.

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