Children's Literature - Teach a class on great children's literature. Check out these websites for past awards. they can give great insight on some of the best children's books.
Newbery Medal -
Caldecott Medal -

Book Club - Plan this a good month in advance. Announce for those who are interested you will be reading a certain book. (Make sure it is one easily accessible from the library and is approved by the Relief society President. Have everyone that wants to take that class, read the story in advance. Then discuss the book in the class.

Personal History - Use THESE questions from our Family Fun/Gospel fun section to give a lesson about writing a personal history. Encourage the sisters to write their own and help get their parents, grandparents, etc to write theirs as well.

Jesus the Christ - We've had book review and discussion of Jesus The Christ with our Stake President - Naomi

Book Drive - Organize a book drive to collect as many new or gently used books as possible. On Enrichment night, organize them by age and possibly topic. Once they are divided, wrap them creatively with a list of the book names and a two-line summary of each book. Provide the appropriate age books to local children's shelters, low-income daycare facilities or schools.

The Joys of Reading - We had a meeting on discovering the joys of reading. The spiritual lesson was on ways to read the scriptures with our families and then we had mini-lessons on the church literacy program, our local libraries, a selection of poetry readings by an actor in our ward and children's book award and reading out loud to our children. For a craft, we water colored bookmarks. Great evening! - Stacey


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