Marriage and Family Relations

Family Home Evening Enrichment -  We decorated the Relief Society Room to look like a living room with lamps, easy chairs and cushions. We gave everyone a name and title, like Baby Susie, The twins, Difficult Teenager, Someone was Mum for the evening and we even had a non member who had been invited. We had all the regular things that a FHE should have, songs, lesson, activity, a game and refreshments. We also placed around the room tons of ideas for FHE's which the sisters could collect from clear plastic bags and they made a FHE booklet for their own use. It helped our newly baptized sisters get an idea how a family home evening should run and we all got into the spirit of the evening. Hopefully this will strengthen all our families in the ward. - Diane Oliver (Splash Tip: Feel free to use all our resources on our Family Home Evening section! Provide a desert that would be good to have for family night.)

Family Unity and Fun - Use these section of LDS splash to teach one or more Family Fun Ideas! Gospel fun is especially good for an entire lesson!

Creative Dating - check out our Dating Ideas in our teens section for some good ideas


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