Personal Development and Education

Back to school, Back to Basics Night - Our ward did a "Back to School, Back to Basics" enrichment in September. Since it is also around the start of the school year, our posters and handouts had a back to school theme. The handouts were pencils with a reminder note tied on (perfect time of year to find sales on pencils). We decorated with school supplies- the centerpieces were diplomas, yearbooks, textbooks, rulers, etc. rounded up from various sisters. It was a lot of fun to look through them and see what everyone looked like "once upon a time". We pulled portable chalkboards from different rooms in the church into the gym and created school scenes around the tables. (We set a few chairs facing the chalkboards, put backpacks on the backs of those chairs, and wrote math problems on the chalkboards) Dinner featured Crockpot meals (recipes were on a handout)- since back to school means being more organized. During the dinner, the sisters were given a written quiz to fill out on school basics- "Things you May Have Forgotten" The quiz included basic algebra, history, science, etc. questions. We also had a class on home organization and a class on spiritual basics. For the spiritual basics class, we had a fun, sweet lady come and talk on those spiritually strengthening things that every family should be doing- the "basics" (family prayer, scripture study and family home evening) At the end of the evening we reviewed the answers from the quiz while eating dessert. The top 3 quiz winners received "Smarties" as a prize. We thanked our special speakers with bags of "Dum Dums" with a message that said, "Because of you, we're no longer 'Dum Dums'" tied to them. It was a great evening. Good food, time to visit, great motivating classes.

5 Minute Lessons - Assign some people in your Relief Society, or ask for volunteers to give a 5 minute lesson on any topic. Try and get 10-15 lessons and have that be your Enrichment activity. We did it at our ward and it was so fun to see all the things the sisters came up with. Some good 5 minute lessons are: Learning to whistle, how to make a flower arrangement, gift wrapping, homemade ice-cream, directing a hymn, making balloon animals, etc.

Computer Class - there are so many computer classes that can be taught in an hour: Introduction to the internet, Fun Family Websites, Introduction To The Computer, building a family website, etc.

Photography Tips - So many people are involved in scrap booking now that this is a great class. Have a photographer (you might find one at the local community college) come and teach the techniques of good photography, or an entirely different class: digital photography.

Tools for Life -  Where we did all sorts of practical skill tests: A quiz on identifying tools and uses, timed jacking up a wheelbarrow (car), blindfolded obstacle course led by communication, clue based map games and shortest route there etc. - Naomi

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