Physical And Emotional Health

Breast Cancer Awareness - Invite a member of the American cancer society to come and talk about breast cancer. See if you can get a few other speakers as well who are breast cancer survivors to tell a little about their experiences. Try and have a nurse available to demonstrate how to do a self check, or see if the person form the American Cancer society can explain it. - Lynnette Schetselaar

Physical Fitness Night - Start the evening by taking a short walk with all the sisters. then have optional classes like: Yoga, intense aerobics, Hula dancing, etc.

Depression - Have a class on depression. Talk about the signs of depression, medications available, and have someone speak on their experiences with depression and some of the things they have done to over come it. Some people have depression problems and don't even know it. Talk about the symptoms of depression.

Nutrition - Have a nutritionist come and talk about nutrition.

Diet Journals -  Make printouts of a list  that has fat/calorie/carb information. (Here is one found online. You might want to cut and paste it to a word program to simplify it. Have everyone make a Nutritional Journal to see how they are eating. Teach healthy ways to cook foods.

First Aid - Invite a nurse in your Stake to come teach first aid or CPR. If there are a lot new moms in the ward, invite two nurses, one to teach infant first aid and CPR, and the other to teach standard first aid and CPR. As this may take more time than is allotted for Enrichment night, it might be a perfect "Super Saturday" Enrichment activity.

"Care-of-Being" Cruise  - Have mini classes that will be good for the body or soul. for example; learn to make bath salts (bring a jar), Yoga instruction, good books, anything that might be relaxing. - Kristy


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