A Living Will - We had an evening where we talked about Wills, Living Trusts etc. We had a guest speaker teach us about these documents and what you need to have legal wills. We also discussed putting a binder together with all important documents. This is good to have in case there is a fire or emergency you know where everything is. - Kim

Food Storage - Have a lesson about what you can cook with your food storage. If possible have some samples of food that the cannery offers, so people know what they taste like before they order them. Decorate with cannery cans, etc.

Self Defense - Have a police officer or  Karate instructor come and teach the basics of self defense.

Budgeting - Teach a class about budgeting. Use the church's pamphlet as a guideline for the lesson.

72 Hour Kits - Have everyone come into a room where items that might be ion a 72 hour kit are all over the floor. Let them look at it for a few minutes. then have them leave the room and try and remember everything that was on the floor. the person who guesses the most wins a small prize (that would go in a 72 hour kit). Have a list of items that can be stored in a 72 hour kit. Have people bring theirs and show them how they are packed, etc.

Potholder First-Aid Kit - You will need a simple square potholder with the loop in the center of one side, some "snack" size Ziploc bags and a button. Stitch the bag bottoms in the center of the potholder. It helps to put half of the bags on one side and the other half facing the other way - bag bottoms overlapping in the center. With a sewing machine just zig-zag them to the potholder. Sew the button on the opposite side of the loop so you can close the kit. Then fill it up with supplies like band-aids, safety pins, coins, hard candy, button, wipes, sample packs of Pepto-Bismol, Motrin, Neosporin, etc. It's quick and simple! - Lillian

Brown Bag Surprise -  We didn't tell them what was going on that night. We split the sisters up in five groups. Then each group would pick a large brown bag, open it up and follow their instructions. Each bag contained a different problem to be solved. One bag contained some clothes that needed mending, to be hemmed, altered, etc. It was surprising how many had never done any of these. Another bag contained a towel and a cell phone and a story based on you not being able to find your 3 year old, you find her next door face down in their wading pool. What do you do first? We had a real dummy toddler they learn CPR on and an EMT there just to watch and then instruct. Cooking (no electricity), budgeting (husband laid off for 4 months) and auto repair( find spare tire and fix it). All the women really enjoyed this night. More came just because they were curious too. - Kristy Danis


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