Pre-School Makeover -  We wanted to do a community service project to celebrate the RS Birthday. We chose a pre-school run by Catholic nuns, in a low income area and struggling. Visited first to assess needs. Put sisters into diff groups. Each group prepped to makeover a diff section of classroom. Sisters made play dough, finger paints, bubbles. Donated fun clothes for dress up box, books for reading shelf, old magazines for cut up crafts. Even less active sisters got involved by decorating shoe boxes to store supplies, sewing big cushions for reading corner. Then we all met on a Sat morning. Cleaned, painted and decorated while several of our sisters who work as teachers held a workshop with the pre school teachers to share ideas. Best attendance ever. Took photos of final product to show all those less active who didn't come but donated their time and talents/goods.  - Lani

Baskets for Those in Need - We did a compassionate service night and we made gift baskets for less active members and members in need. (i.e. spa basket-for those that need a break, new baby basket, get well basket) We filled them with things that were appropriate to that basket. We also made home made thinking of you, get well soon, we missed you at church and etc. We learned how to make a small meal for a family that was in need of it as well.

School Help - One of our ladies worked at a local school and knew they needed new early reader books. These are the books that kindergarteners learn to read first - they are photocopied with heavy paper covers. They had all of the books photocopied beforehand and we made an assembly line and put them together. It turned out to be a great evening! - Ivy

Service Swap - Everyone who comes to enrichment (and even those who can't make it but want to) write down a service they would like to give another sister (washing their car, making them cookies, babysitting, etc). Make up a questionnaire with points, for example, If you hugged someone today, give yourself 10 points, if there are no dishes in your sink, give yourself 5 points, if you read your scriptures today, give yourself 15 points, etc. Ask about 25 questions. Have everyone fill them out and add up their points. Have a list of all the services, and go down them one by one and have people bid on them. Assign an outgoing person in your ward to be the auctioneer. People can only win one thing until everyone has gotten something, and then (if there is extra) people can bid on them if they want, IF you don't like the auction idea, you can pick them out of a hat, or play games for people to win them, etc.

LDS Humanitarian Aid - Check here for service ideas. A great website sponsored by the church!,16845,1335-1-9,00.html 

Leprosy Bandages - These cannot be sewed and MUST be handmade. Check this website for instructions.

Senior Prom - Plan a dinner for the elderly in your ward. Have dancing if there are a lot of couples. Play music from the 40's and 50's.

BSAP Night - Plan a night of BSAP projects. show the church's BSAP video and explain what BSAP is and how it works.

Super Service Saturday -  Do work  for various charities in the community. - Naomi

Church clean and Organize Night - Clean out the nursery and kitchen. Ask all the wards that attend that building to donate new or used items to replace the old items in these rooms. Then organize it. - Summer Palmberg

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