Strengthening Relationships

Share with your Sisters - We had this activity and it was our biggest turnout at enrichment ever! We had every sister bring 4-5 things that represented them their hobbies, etc. then, we had everyone spend 2-3 minutes telling us why they brought what they did. It was fun to see what people brought. One sister brought her favorite shampoo as one of her things and another brought a skateboard.

Young Women - Invite the young women (or incoming laurels) to enrichment. Have them write down some things about themselves and have the Relief Society sisters guess who it is.

Meet in a Minute - Have two rows of chairs, facing each other. Have the women sit down and meat the person opposite them in the chair. Give them a time limit 2-5 minutes. when the timer goes off, have one row rotate moving down one chair. Keep going till one row has met everyone in the other row.

Brown Bag Night - The sisters had to put 3 items in a brown paper bag that reflected who they were & their personality and we had to guess who the sister was. Naomi

True or Not True -  We had everyone bring baby photos and also wrote down two truths and one falsehood about ourselves. The audience had to guess which one was the non-truth. It was amazing the things we discovered about our sisters, even our more senior sisters had some intriguing, humorous and adventurous events in their lives. - Naomi

Speed Meeting -  Young women  and and Relief Society. Using a timer, the YW girls sit across the RS sister and they interview each other until the timer goes off (maybe 5 minutes). Then they move down the row to a new partner and interview the next RS sister. After about 1/2 hour of this (each person meets 6) then they can either plan to get together at a later time for a "date" or they can go around the room and share one fact about each person. - Jill (14)


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