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Campfire Ideas
These are not only ideas to do at the camp fire but to do any time at night.

Skit Ideas

Talk Show Announcements -
Each night at campfire, to start off we would sing camp songs, of course, but we wanted an exciting way to make announcements, etc. so we did kind of a talk show sort of thing, and we would use different voices and pretend to be different people, etc. the girls loved it. we would write scripts before hand and it was like a morning talk show, we just had fun with it. the announcers ended up being "celebrities" kind of, so the last night, they gave out autographed pictures of themselves to certain girls as awards. it was the most fun campfire has ever been!

Candlelight Testimony - For Testimony time give the girls each a candle to hold. Have the first girl light her candle as she gives her testimony. Then she lights the candle of the girl next to her and she gives her testimony and so on until the whole circle is lit up. If some of the girls are to shy to give a testimony, call it sharing time and have them share a special experience that they had at camp. Somehow the candles help to motivate them to say something! - Mindy Thompson

Contests - Have a contest every night on stage, bubble gum blowing, hula hooping, etc.

Dreams Do come true - Make dreams come true at campfire with this fun idea

Go Stargazing

Cones and Rods - Just after dusk, when it is barely light enough to see, give everyone a colored marker (without the color written on it) and a three by five card. Have everyone try and write down on their card what color their marker is and their name. The next day show them the cards. Most people will guess the wrong color, but think they know. Liken it to the light of Christ. Many people think they are fine without it, but how much we can see, with the light, etc.

Throw beach balls

Night Hike - We found a trail that was fairly flat, where there were no obstructions. We went at night when it was fairly dark and sent one person alone down path. At the end was a group of leaders and the girls who had gone before to meet them. After the hike, we sat down and talked about what the hike represented. The girls came up with lots of ideas. - Caryn Stapp

Awards - We give lots of awards at campfire, cleanest cabin, most spirited cabin, best at chores, cabin, etc.

Service Awards - Every night at campfire have the priesthood give out service awards. These are special awards. During the day, when someone goes the extra mile helping someone in some way, they (the person who saw the service) can fill out a form and give it to the priesthood. If the priesthood thinks it is noteworthy, they give out these awards. It is usually a stuffed animal or something similar.

Colored Campfire - Purchase Color Crystals at a store that specializes in barbeques. When you throw them into the fire, it changes colors. If your lucky you can find all the colors and talk about the young woman values.

Talent Show - We have a talent show at campfire every year. No lip sinking aloud (since, to me, that isn't a talent)

Reverent Fire - Here are instructions on how to make a fire light magically when all the girls are quite.

Oscar Night - Collect old, unwanted trophies from people in the ward. Use them at Oscar Night. Give awards like "Most likely to be Relief Society President" or "Girl most missing her curling iron" etc.

Speaker Stations - Have 5-6 eight minute speakers stationed throughout the camp. Have the girls rotate to hear each one. You could have them all speak on a topic, like patriotic people, or even have them dress up as Book of Mormon characters and introduce themselves.

Hidden Speaker - We had some scripts written up and had the girls hide behind the a screen and tell about there lives and what they were like in countries that don't have the freedoms that we have. It helped the girls to appreciate what they DO have.

Snipe Hunting - Everyone take a flashlight and a pillow case up to a meadow or field. The trick works best if you have good actors. Here are some ideas: Have the older girls start running and screaming they spotted one. Put a rock in a bag and shake it to look like you caught one. Have someone in the trees squirting a water gun.

Brownie Hike - The forth year girls spend the day making up this cute hike. Each girl (or in groups of two) takes a small section along the trail to make small homes and places out of natural things. Since "Brownies" are only about an inch tall, the girls can make a swimming spot or a playground or whatever other place they think a "Brownie" might need. That night, everyone brings their flashlights and walks along the trail while the 4th year girls tell them about the brownies and how they live as the girls walk from place to place. Of course this all must be done VERY, VERY quietly, because there are "Brownies" close by. Serve brownies and milk after the hike is over.

Substitute Campfire - We had fire restrictions one year, and our YW were bummed because we love to sing, eat and carry on around the fire. We made do. We even made baggie ice cream that year. However on the last night we gathered under our pavilion for our testimony meeting and as the girls bore there testimonies, we would break a glow stick (makeshift campfire) to share our light. That night was one of the most inspiring nights we had ever had. - Becca

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