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Extravaganza - I always like to do an extravaganza of some sort. The first year we did a Bermuda short extravaganza. I had all the girls bring up a pair of pants that they didn't use anymore ( I took extras in case). I had them cut them to Bermuda short length and then decorate them. Our theme was being unique, so they had to think of how they were unique and make their shorts demonstrate their uniqueness. Then we had a model show and everyone voted for Miss Bermuda. We had 2 runners up and it was so fun. We had the red carpet and music. We had a great time. - Julianne

Visiting Teaching - One year, as an Assist.Stk.Camp Director, I had the 16&17 yr. olds be Visiting Teachers. I paired them up at the beginning of the week, gave them short lessons to teach, and assigned them at least 2 or 3 girls, to Visit Teach sometime during the week. They loved the feelings they felt and there were many rewarding "visits", with girls they didn't know before. They were to be prayerful before going on their visits. - Cathy Pitts

The Log - A team work project. You find a sturdy log you can walk on and that is on the ground. Next everyone gets on the log. Now you have them organize on the log by either first letter of name, last. middle or birthdates. The rules are simple. You have to stay on the log at all times, if one falls off all has to go back to where they started. You can hug each other step over what ever it takes to get to where you need as long as you donít touch the ground. I love this game. I even have my dance kids do it to learn to work together. - Tarra Brown

Early hiking - Have the hike before girl's camp. That way, the girls have more time to do the things they like. - Eliza

Good, Bad Can - My ward has a really hard time getting along. My camp leader had two metal canisters and she had a sign on each of them. One said: Good; and the other said: Bad. Every time one of the girls had a complaint, they had to put it in the "bad" can; so, they could get it out of their system, but none of us had to hear about it.  Same thing with the good, only the "good" had to have good notes. Anyway, at the end of each day my leader would empty out the cans and give each of us an even amount of notes from each can. The bad notes, we would through in the fire; and the good ones, we would read out loud! It was a fun idea and I really enjoyed it last year! - Sarah

Service Project - We like to do at least one humanitarian service project at camp. One year we made a simple set of wood farm animals. The animals were cut out and stained before camp by Young Men for an eagle scout project. At camp the girls drew a simple outline and face (we had a pattern) and then made a small bag for each set. When we finished we had 150 sets of a toy animals to give to humanitarian service. - Alison Olsen, Mesa East Stake

Secret Tents - This year the stake advised us not to let the girls do secret sisters.. so instead our ward did secret tents. the tent moms were in charge and some girls got their whole tents and would sneak out and decorate the tent that they had. it was a lot of fun for the younger and older girls to bond a little more. - Brooke

Scripture/Letter Time - At girls camp our ward has a scripture time. In everyone's free time, the leader gives us a note that our parents wrote before camp. We take our scriptures and separate from everyone into the trees. We take 15-20 mins. to read the letter and ponder the scriptures. It makes girls camp spiritual and fun at the same time. We all have a blast! - Kellie

Camp Mailbox - At girls camp we had a plastic shoe holder like the ones that fit on doors. We put each girls name on a pocket and a small note pad in each. It became our camp mailbox. Each girl drew the name of another girl or leader and each day at camp she was to secretly get out the note pad and write something she admired about the girl whose name she had. The mail could not be read until after the evening meal. The last day we had an activity when we exposed who the secret writers were. It was a great self esteem booster for all the girls.

Digital CD - We collected all the pictures from camp that people had taken with their digital cameras and put them on C.D's which we gave to all the girls all the girls. - Caryn Stapp

Museum of Art - Have the girls make some art project from nature. Have a person give a tour of the Museum when it is done.

Singing Lost and Found - Singing for your lost things at campfire. Check out these songs

Eat an Ant - See what girls will eat an ant at camp. We made different buttons that they could choose from if they ate one any time during the week. The ones we had said: Got Ants?, I ate an Ant at Camp, and Ants< the other white meat. It is a good idea for them to try different things so they know that in an emergency, they would be able to handle eating a bug if they needed to

Polar Dip - Anyone who can wake up at 6:00am and stay in the lake for 1 minute gets a special prize.

Priesthood Chocolate - Each morning, we, as priesthood, take hot chocolate around to the girls, while in their beds, and sing to them (and occasionally take their shoes:)

Singing Cooks - The cooks sing the entire time they serve the food.

Camp Picture - Be sure to do a group camp picture each year at camp.

The Wheel of Doom - Make a wheel with for sections: north south east and west. During meals spin the wheel. If it lands on north, then the people sitting on the north side of the table have to serve the rest their meal. Keep spinning throughout the meal. Those who it lands on have to do certain things. At the end, whoever it lands on has to clear the tables.

Chipmunk Chums (Pinecone Pals) - Have the girls pick names at the beginning of camp. Each girl has the opportunity to give there Chipmunk Chum a letter or small gift every day. We always had the problem of someone getting left out and not getting anything, so have the councilors make sure their girls are sending something special every day. they might even want to bring some small treats/gifts incase the girls forget to bring them.

Banana Slug Club - To join the club, a girl must keep the slug across her nose for one minute.

Water fight! - When the girls are least expecting it- have the leaders circle them and soak them! Eventually- there will be a massive water fight! - Esme Wheeler

Scripture Store - We memorize different scriptures and win candy. It's lots of fun. The longer the verse the bigger the piece of candy! - Jamie

Ward and Stake Camp - We love girls camp in our ward. We alternate ward and stake camp every other year. Ward camps are held just up the canyon and we have both a great and spiritual time. - Becca

Beads for Campers -- Our stake has beads laced on leather or cording that signify what you've earned at camp. Every girl gets a year bead. We give a theme bead and a scripture bead. Our ward goes wild. Our individual awards are our beads. We have value beads. We have girls that have strings and strings of beads for all they have done. The beads always coordinate with our theme. One year we did the 6B's, and most of our beads were bees, honey pots and flowers. Its great fun.  - Becca


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