More Sharing Time Ideas

I Spy My Gospel Standards - Get some empty small water bottles, enough for each person to have one. Buy items that represent each gospel standard. For example  for the standard "I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple, serve a mission, and do my part to have an eternal family" you could use a ring. Place a symbol for each standard in the bottle. After all the items are in the bottle, fill it with rice or birdseed. If desired use a small font to type what is in the bottle and paste it on. Have the kids try and find everything on the list. - Jessica

A Treasure - I placed a different picture for each of the gospel standards on a different piece of brightly colored paper. I then placed the pictures around the room. Different children were then asked to find the pictures. After then doing so I read each standard. We talked about the standard. The child then guessed who had the picture for that standard, brought it to the front of the class and placed it in a treasure box underneath a statue of the Christ. I then discussed how following the standards would keep them a treasure that would return them to Christ. - Diane

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