You Know His Number

His line is never busy,
pick up your phone and see,
You will always be able to reach Him,
just drop to your knees.

You have unlimited minutes,
 I know you have been told,
And I will guarantee one thing,
you'll not be asked "will you hold?"

I'm not a "little prayer rock"
so don't tuck me in you drawer,
Don't put me under your pillow
or chuck me on the floor.

But keep me close beside you
and use me all the time,
For in this world around us,
Satan's at his prime.

You can call when you need Him
or just to have a chat,
Just bow your head and call
"Heavenly Father, where are you at?"

And when there's an emergency,
no need to dial 911,
 Just close you eyes and say "
help me out or forgive me for what I have done.

It's never to late to call Him,
He never goes to bed.
Remember, "ask and ye shall receive,"
is what He said.

So next time when your feeling down
or maybe feeling blue,
Just pick up your little prayer phone,
He'd love too hear from you.

- Rhonda Shawver