Travel the World

Plan a day to learn about other cultures.

Get some ideas together for stations, invite missionaries who served abroad or people you might know who are form or visited other countries

Print out these passports, and put then together before the girls come. Put them together with staples or tape.  Printout 1 has a front and back, an informational page and one blank page. Fill in the Passport number (can be anything) and the expiration, before the girls come. Let them fill in the rest when they arrive. Make sure they draw an accurate picture of themselves.

Printout 2 has more blank pages. When you put the passport together, put in it as many blank pages as stations you have.

Set up your stations. It is best to have someone at each station so the girls can go to each when they are ready. Have the person talk about the country and encourage the girls to ask questions. Each station can have food samples, pictures, maps, memorabilia, games, etc, from the countries you choose. Each station also needs a sticker, stamp or picture that can be glued or stuck onto one of the blank pages of the passport.

When each girl has gone to each booth, their entire passport should be filled.