Eeny Anny Over

Tennis ball, or a comparable ball
One story house with no fences
A lot of people (at least 8)

Divide the group into two teams. Have Team A on one side of the house (front) and Team B on the other side (in the back).

To play:
Team A has the ball and throws it over the house to the team on the other side. It MUST touch the roof of the house. (It will roll down the roof to the other team.)

If Team B doesn't catch the ball they yell "PIGTAILS" and throw the ball back over to the other side (making sure it touches the roof).

If Team B does catch the ball: Everyone puts there hands behind their back pretending they have the ball. The team splits up and runs around the house to the other side. The person with the ball tries and tags people on team A as they are coming around. They can tag or throw the ball underhand at someone. Whoever is tagged before reaching the corner of the house (on what was the B side) now goes on the B team.

Once everyone has switched sides, team B throws the ball back to team A and the game starts over, until there is only one person left on a team.

An extra note: Once the ball is caught, it can be passed around team members.