The Mouse Game

What you will need:

Enough corks for your family (about 1 inch long, found at craft stores)
A needle big enough for the string to fit through
A pot or pan lid

The mice are made by cutting one 1 1/2 foot piece of string for each mouse, Use the needle and thread the string through the end of of the cork. Once through, tie a knot in it and clip it (the knot will make the mouse nose.) Tie a not in the other end of the mouse's very long tail. Draw a mouth and eyes on the mouth if desired.

For the cat, cut out the cat printout. Cut a slit in the nose and place the nose over the pot lid handle. Tape the cat on if necessary

Game Play:
Someone is designated to be the cat. The cat holds the pot lid high above the mice. All others grab a mouse and gather them in a group under the cat. The cat rolls in the other hand (which is not holding the pot lid) until he/she rolls a six. When a six is rolled the cat lowers the lid as fast as possible in order to catch the mice. Whoever is caught or pulls out there mouse before a six is rolled is out for that round. The last ones to be caught win  (sometimes it is more than one). Pick who gets to be the cat next, out of the winners.