Candle Light Night

Some times it's 6:00 Monday night and ooops....don't have a FHE lesson, where did the time go? I grab a bunch of candles, tell everyone to grab pillows and get comfortable, (floor, wherever, turn out all the lights and I read a couple of stories from the friend, scriptures, or any thing that's appropriate. We then talk about the subject and have our treat by candle light too. (Usually what I have on hand like popcorn and hot choc etc.) The kids love it and ask..."When can we do a candle FHE?" It's great for winter nights.... A quick and fun last minute activity they love is, "DON'T EAT PETE," from this site. If we can't find the Don't Eat Pete game board we use a chess or checker board and in a pinch have used popcorn and grapes etc. - Judy near Seattle