Printout 1 (cut out each coat leaving labels on)

For Optional Activity
Printout 2
Masking Tape
Either red and Pink construction paper, or white paper with red and pink crayons or markers

(Use the pictures in Printout 1 to tell this story)
The winters were very cold in Salt Lake City, and Heber had only a thin, worn coat to keep him warm. He longed to have a warm coat but knew that they barely had enough money for food. Heber was delighted on his birthday when his mother presented him with a warm winter coat that she had made for him. His new coat was his most prized possession. A few weeks later, as Heber was hurrying on an errand, he saw a boy about his size shivering with cold. The boy was wearing a thin sweater, and Heber remembered how it felt not to have a warm coat. Heber took off his new coat and insisted that the boy put it on. He told the boy to keep it because he had another coat at home.
that afternoon Heber's mother saw him wearing his old coat. She asked "What have you done with your new coat?" Heber didn't know how to tell her. Then he said "I saw a boy that needed it worse than I did, so I gave it to him." Couldn't you give him your old one?" she asked.
Heber looked up at her, hoping she would understand, and saw her eyes fill with tears. He threw his arms around her as she answered her won question "Of course you couldn't Heber" she said. "Of course you couldn't"

How did Heber J. Grant follow the example of Jesus and show charity?

How can we show charity in our lives?

Optional Activity:
Cut out hearts and decorate them, the more the better. Go to someone's house who might need cheering up and give the a "Heart attack" by quietly decorating there door with the hearts and Printout 2. You can also write some little signs that say things like "We love you! Have a great day!, hope you are felling better!, etc. Try not to get caught. Let it be anonymous.