Easter Egg Hunt Lesson

Hershey's Kiss
THIS Printout (cut the scriptures into strips)

Have an Easter Egg Hunt...some of the eggs would have candy inside and have 6 eggs numbered on the outside with objects inside that represent Easter.

#1 egg- sacrament bread (representing the last supper)
#2 egg- band-aid with red marker (representing the garden of Gethsemane and Jesus' suffering)
#3- Hershey kiss (representing Judas' kiss)
#4 nail (representing the cross)
#5 rock (representing Christ's death and the tomb)
 #6 egg is empty (representing the resurrection)

Also,  place the scriptures in the eggs with the objects. Put scripture #1 in the #1 egg, etc.

This is fun for all ages I have my children wait to open the unnumbered eggs until the very end for their FHE treat!!