Strengthening our Family

Printout 1, Printout 2
Tape or stapler (with staples)

Preparation: Cut out strips, leaving white on the sides of each strip.

Song ideas: Never Ending Chain, Families Can be Together Forever, Love at Home 

Talk about how Nephi strengthened his family by being obedient to the commandments (1 Ne 2:16, 1 Ne 3:19-20), and Laman and Lemuel weakened their family by being disobedient (1 Ne 2:12, 1 Ne 18:17-19).

Pick (or have a child pick) a strip. Talk about how that will help strengthen your family, then staple or tape it into a link, adding the links to one another to form a family chain.

Hang the chain somewhere where you can all look at it during the week to remind you of your part in strengthening your family chain.

Bear testimony of families.