Setting Goals
There are a few ways to do this lesson. Pick the sections you like, and print the things needed for each section that you use.

Strengths and Weakness - Give everyone THIS PRINTOUT  and a pen or a pencil. Then have them write down all their good habits. You can give them some suggestions like saying their prayers every day, etc. Then when they are done with that have some of them tell what some of the good habit are. Then have them write down their bad habits. They don't have to say them if they don't want to. Give them a while. When they are all done have them look at there good habit and bad habit list and take a look at how long they are. Hopefully there good habit list is long. If it's not that is fine. If there bad habit list is long then tell them that is fine it just means we have things we need to work on. Then discuss how they can work on their bad habits. Printout THIS SCRIPTURE and read it to them. Talk about how we can make our weaknesses strengths if we work on them and with the Lord's help.

Setting Goals - We can set goals to over come our weaknesses or to accomplish things we have never done before (acquiring new talents, etc.). Use THIS PRINTOUT and discuss what goals we can set. Talk about some long term goals (saving for a trip, or college) and short term goals (reading our scriptures every day, etc)

What do we need to do to accomplish these goals?

When will we have accomplished them?

To write down one or two goals they want to accomplish on their paper.

Family Goals - This is a good opportunity to talk about family goals. Use THIS PRINTOUT to make some family goals that you cam work on together.

Bare your testimony that if we work on our goals, we can accomplish them with the Lord's help.