Hold to the Rod

Yarn or string
Small and large candle or flashlight
Small and large treats

Start the string in the main room and thread it around the house everywhere. Put under the table over desks everywhere.  Set the small candle somewhere before the end. Put a few sweets with it and a person (or two) to act as a deceiver. The large candle goes at the end of the string with all the best of the treats. (The candles should only be able to be seen when you are near them.)

Turn out all the other lights in the house.

The lesson:
Have everyone follow the string. Tell them there is a big treat at the end, if that can just hold on. Have one or more deceivers along the path  try and draw them away. If they hold on, they get the biggest treats at the end.

Read 1 Nephi 8:24 and 1 Nephi 11:25.

What does the iron rod represent?

What blessing did we get when we held to the rod (string)?

What blessing do we get when we follow the word of God?

Bare your testimony about how our lives are blessed when we follow the word of God.