Honoring Your Parents

Printout 1, Printout 2 (best on cardstock)
10 pieces of paper and 2 pencils/pens

Cut out mouth and fasten it to the face so you can make the face frown or smile. Tape it top the wall.

Read Exodus 20:12. What does it mean to honor and obey your parents?

Split into two teams. Separate into different rooms. Give each team 5 pieces of paper and a pencil. Have each team thing of 5 ways to either obey or disobey your parents. After everyone has thought of 5 things, have everyone come back into the room.

Have the first team pick one of their own pieces of paper. Have them act out a scene with that situation. Have the opposite team decide whether it is obeying or obeying your parents by placing a smile or frown on the boys face.

After the activity bare your testimony about how obeying out parents can make us happy.