Moroni Visits Joseph

Printout 1, printout 2
Flashlight (not necessary but more fun)

Cut out Moroni, Joseph and the pillow, (be sure to leave the tabs on Joseph and the pillow). Cut out the bed (printout 2). Cut on the DOTTED lines. Fold the SOLID lines down to make a bed. put the pillow in the top slot and Joseph, sitting up, in the lower slot.

Tell the story of Moroni visiting Joseph, start with the lights dimmed. Each time Moroni appears, shine the flashlight on him (or turn the light on)

On the night of 21 September 1823, 17-year-old Joseph went to his bedroom and began to pray for forgiveness. As he prayed, a light appeared in his room, and *a personage appeared at [Joseph*s] bedside, standing in the air*. This personage had on a very white, loose robe. The messenger introduced himself as Moroni. He said God had sent him to tell Joseph of the work God had for him to do. Moroni told Joseph about a book written on gold plates. This book was about people who had lived on the American continent many years before. He also quoted from the New Testament. Moroni told Joseph that when he got the plates, he should show them only to those God chose to see them. While Moroni was speaking, Joseph saw in a vision the place where the gold plates were buried. When Moroni finished speaking, he rose toward heaven until he disappeared As Joseph thought about the things he had just seen and heard, Moroni returned and told Joseph the same things he had told him before. Then Moroni told Joseph of many problems that would come to the earth in the future. When Moroni finished, he went up into heaven again. Joseph was so overwhelmed he could not sleep. Then, to his surprise, Moroni came a third time. Again Moroni repeated what he had told Joseph. He also warned Joseph that Satan would tempt him to use the gold plates to become rich, but that they should only be used to build God*s kingdom. Again Moroni left. As Joseph pondered his unusual experience, he heard a rooster crow. Moroni's visits had taken the entire night.

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