Printout 1, Printout 2 (best if printed on cardstock), Printout 3
an extra piece of paper or cardstock
tape or glue

Cut the side off printout 1 along the dark lines (the line on the right side might be cut off in the print, so just approximate), then printout the white box over the mouth. Tape the box to the blank piece of paper, ONLY ON THE SIDES (leave the tope and bottom open)

Cut out the rectangle on printout 2. Place it inside the other two so that you can move the paper up and down to change from a smile to a frown.

Cut out situations on printout 3 and place them in a bowl, or tape them face down on a wall (or hide them in the room, etc)

Read 2 Nephi 2:25.

What is joy?

How can we obtain joy?

When we are righteous we can experience true joy.

Read the situations. If "Jack" has done something that would bring him joy put a smile on his face. If not, turn it to a frown. Talk about the situations as you read them. What could he have done, etc.

Bare your testimony: if we are righteous, we will have joy in our lives.