Needed: THIS printout (cut out each picture)

Show the picture of the clown costume.

Would you wear this to a nice concert? Would you wear it to the beach? Where would you wear it?

Continue with the pother pictures (would you where them out to dinner? to a fancy concert? to school? etc.)

There are certain things we wear at certain times and some things we shouldn't wear at all.

What are some of the things we should never wear? (mini skirts, low shirts, too many earrings, tatoos, etc.)

What are some things we should wear? Modest shirts, dresses and nice clothes to church, etc.

Bare you testimony about the importance of being modest and the blessing we will receive from dressing appropriately.

Extra Quotes and Helps:
President Hinckley said: Respect your bodies. The Lord has described them as temples. So many these days disfigure their bodies with tattoos. How shortsighted. These markings last for life. Once in place, they cannot be removed except through a difficult and costly process. I cannot understand why any girl or boy would subject herself or himself to such a thing. I plead with you to avoid disfigurement of this kind.
       May I mention earrings and rings placed in other parts of the body. These are not manly. They are not attractive. You young men look better without them, and I believe you will feel better without them. As for the young women, you do not need to drape rings up and down your ears. One modest pair of earrings is sufficient. I mention these things because again they concern your bodies

President N. Eldon Tanner once cautioned us with these words: “Modesty in dress is a quality of mind and heart, born of respect for oneself, one’s fellowmen, and the Creator of us all. Modesty reflects an attitude of humility, decency, and propriety. Consistent with these principles and guided by the Holy Spirit, let parents, teachers, and youth discuss the particulars of dress, grooming, and personal appearance, and with free agency accept responsibility and choose the right” (“Friend to Friend,” Friend, June 1971)

A cool modesty song HERE (Modest Girl in our teen section)