A fun into to Classical Music
(This lesson is for older kids, teens or adults. It takes a little to put together but is well worth it!)

Download the following songs ( has songs for 99 cents each, for 88 cents)
  - Stravinski's Rite of Spring (number 2)
For the Quiz:
 - Bach's St Mathews Passion (song number 25)
 - Mercadante Concerto in E minor for flute and strings (Number 3)
 - King's singers - Of all the birds that I do know - (a Madrigal)
 - Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Make a copy of THIS printout for everyone.

Read Doctrine and Covenants 136:28
Why is music important?

Play the music samples for the quiz (not the Rite of Spring). Using the printout, have them guess what sort of music it is (without telling them the title). For the Passion you will need the translation (unless they speak German)

O, Father let thy will be done,
For all things well thou doest,
In time of need refusest none,
But helpest e'en the lowest.

What kind of music do you think you would like from the list?

Read this story told by Pierre Montroue, who asked Stravinski to play his Ballet, The Rite of Spring on the piano:

"Stravinski sat down to play a piano reduction of the entire score. Before he got very far, I was convinced he was raving mad! The very walls resounded as Stravinski pounded away, occasionally stamping his feet and jumping up and down to accentuate the force of the Music, not that it needed such emphasis. I was more astounded by Stravinski's performance then shocked by the score itself. My only comment at the end was that such music would surely cause a scandal".

The ballet caused a scandal. People were throwing things on the stage and Stravinski escaped out a back window and spent the evening roaming around London. The Rite of Spring was introduced later as a symphony and became very famous.

Listen to The Rite of Spring sample.

Why do you think it caused a scandal?

Why should we learn about different types of music?

Make a plan to purchase some classical music and decide when you will listen to it (during dinner, on Sundays, etc)

Talk about your experiences with music and why it is important to you.