Recipe for Righteousness

Use the Toll House ® chocolate chip recipe, substituting the names of the ingredients with those traits  considered vital to the “recipe for a good person”. Referenced specific scriptures for each trait.

The setup:
2 1/4 cups flour (RESPECT) 1 Peter 2:17
1 tsp baking soda (TRUST) D&C 11:12
1 tsp salt (HONESTY) Alma 27:27
1 cup butter (FAITH) Alma 15:10
3/4 cup sugar (LOYALTY) Joshua 24:15
3/4 cup brown sugar (MORALS) Proverbs 11:3
1 tsp vanilla (DEPENDABILITY) Mosiah 7:19
2 large eggs (RESPONSIBILITY) Jacob 1:19
12 oz (2 cups) chocolate chips (LOVE) Moroni 7:47

(Make the cookies according to the directions on the package of chocolate chips),

Explain that the cookies wouldn’t be the same if one of these ingredients were to be left out.

As a fun activity, you can also deliver these “good person cookies” to someone you think is a good person, explaining what they are and why.