The Resurrection

These printouts: Printout 1, Printout 2, Printout 3, Printout 4

Cut out printouts 1 and two and tape them together. Cut along dotted lines. Tape the basket on the wall.

Cut out the eggs in printout 3 and 4. Do NOT cut between the eggs. Fold each egg in half so the words and pictures are hidden on the inside. Write the number that is inside the egg on the outside front and decorate around the number if desired. Hide the eggs around the room.

Ask the question "Why do we celebrate Easter?"

Have everyone search for the eggs, make sure all the numbers are found.

Ask "Who has number one?" Read egg number one. If the person is too young to read, have them tell what the picture is. If the person is older, have them look up and read the scripture reference and tell about what they read.

After each egg has been talked about, place it in the slot with the matching number, in the basket.

After the lesson bare your testimony about why you think the resurrection is so important.