The Resurrection

Printout1, Printout 2, Printout 3, Printout 4
A plain laminated sheet or other clear plastic (if possible but not necessary to teach this lesson)

Cut out printout 1 and cut out, if you have it,  the clear plastic the same shape ( to make a "Spirit" of Jesus)

Glue or tape Printout 2 and Printout 3 together to make the tomb.

Cut out Printout 4 (the stone).

when Jesus was on Earth he taught that he would one day die but that he would overcome death. Many people didn't quite understand what he meant. Those who didn't believe His teachings wanted to kill him and finally they did. Jesus died on the cross. His spirit left to be with Heavenly Father. His friends took his body and laid it in the tomb (separate the spirit and body (if available) and placed the body in the tomb and place the stone over it). Jesus' disciples and friends were so sad to think that He was gone forever.  After three days some women went to the tomb but the stone was rolled away and His body was not there. they were afraid someone had stolen Him. Then they saw him. He was not dead but was alive again, resurrected. His spirit and body were reunited. Jesus then showed Himself to the disciples so they could testify that he lives. Jesus also showed himself to the Nephite people ion the American continent so they could also see that he was alive and loved them too. Because Jesus Jesus did this for us, all of us will one day be resurrected too. Someday our bodies and our spirits will be reunited and they will be perfect. We will not get sick or die again.

What do you think it would be like to have a perfect body?

How do you feel about what Jesus did for you?