Taking the Sacrament

Printout 1, Printout 2, Printout 3

To do before the lesson. Cut out Printout 1 around the rectangle. Then carefully cut out the black boxes and then on the dotted lines. Cut out Printout 2. place it behind Printout 1 and slip the strip carefully in the dotted lines. You should be able to move the strip back and forth and the boxes should be empty and then full as you slide it back and forth.

Cut out the cards on Printout 3

What is the sacrament?

Why do we take the sacrament?

Read though Moroni 4:3. Use the cards to talk about the promises made as we take the sacrament.

What promises do we make, what promises does the Lord make? Talk about each promise, how we can keep it, and why it is important.

Use the Pre-put-together board. Mix the cards up and put them upside down. Have someone go through the cards and as they pick one, slide the strip depending on whether it is a promise we make or the Lord makes. Let everyone have a chance to go through all the cards.