Scripture Bag
One of our family favorites is "scripture bag"

    Grab a small lunch bag or any other solid bag, add a few household items. Have everyone take turns putting their hand into the bag without looking and grab something out. They must find a scripture or tell a scripture story about their item. Little children can pair up with older ones, or adults. Our family loves this!

Some items may include:

 an apple,( Adam and Eve, word of wisdom)
Coin ( talents, tithing, stealing, honesty, widows mite)
rock, (rock of salvation, testimony, wise man built his house upon a rock)
stick (Savior died on the cross, Joseph the carpenter, Noah built an ark)
fabric (swaddling clothes, shroud, washing)
pencil( writing in journal, writing a letter, writing the scriptures)

ok you get the idea. Here's a few more:

toy animal
small boat
photos (child, grandparents, prophet)