Printout 1, Printout 2
Paper (cut into squares small enough to fit easily into the bag made by printout 1 and 2)

Cut out printout 1, leaving the tabs ON. Fold tabs back. Cut out printout 2. Glue tabs of printout one to the back of printout 2 in order to make a bag.

Review John 13:4-16. Discuss how Jesus served his disciples. Talk about the importance of service. Brainstorm as a family ways to help each other and those around you. Put all the suggestions in a bag.

 Talk about the service challenge. During the week, see who can take and do the most suggestions (once they completed the service, they can keep the paper. Discuss at the next Family Home Evening how the service activities went and how they felt after they had done the service. If desired give a prize to the person who did the most service from the "Service Challenge"