Our Thoughts

These Printouts: Printout 1 (best if on cardstock), Printout 2 (best with regular paper)

Carefully cut out the dotted lines on printout 1. Cut out the strip of printout 2. Weave the strip through the holes so that the first box (boys hair) shows. During the lesson, as you go through the different pictures, bend the paper back a bit so they can't see which pictures will be coming up later.


The Lesson:
Read Alma 37:36. Talk about why our thoughts should be placed upon the Lord.

Use the printouts, and go through each picture and talk about it. Talk about which picture the boy is thinking good thoughts, and which one he is thinking bad thoughts. Talk about how he could change his thoughts for the good (if the are bad)

Who is in charge of our thoughts?

We have freedom to choose good thoughts or bad thoughts.

Share an experience about when you could have thought bad thoughts but chose to think good.

Bare your testimony that heavenly Father and Jesus want us to think good thoughts, and we will be blessed for doing so.