Scripture Treasure Hunt
A great lesson for learning how to find things in the scriptures!

This Printout
A prize or treat for the end of the hunt

Use the scriptures provided.  Make sure you always hide the clue one clue ahead.

Here is how to do the hunt. This could be kind of confusing so follow closely.

Give #1 to family, #2 under a pillow, #3 hide in the couch, tape #4 to a tooth brush, hide #5 in a shoe, #6 in a tree, #7 T.V, etc......

Have a prize hidden under the bed (the last spot)

(use just five or six clues for younger children)

(Answers: 1.pillow  2.couch  3.tooth  4.Shoe  5.tree  6.T&V  7.window  8.door  9.sink  10.shower  11.bath 12.pot  13.table  14.coat  15.bed)