The ‘S’ Elf

In early days of Christmas land

Young Santa’s only aid

Was one, small elf who did the chore

Made toys, but seldom played.

So smart, so swift, so spry was he,

So speedy he became,

So skilled, so spirited with smiles,

That ‘S’ was soon his name.

Then as one Christmas Eve drew nigh

And ‘S’ checked Santa’s list,

He matched each name with gifts he’d made

To see no one was missed.

Both climbed atop the shiny sleigh

Then flew o’er lands and seas.

And one by one all gifts were placed

In stockings and by trees.

And as their journey neared the end,

Their list one name contained.

They searched the sleigh and sacks for trees,

But not a gift remained.

Young Santa soon grew quite perplexed

With nothing to impart.

He knew a lady yet not served

And sorrow filled his heart.

A once-strong woman full of love

In action, thought and deed,

But recent tragedies and pain

Had left her much in need.

As they approached her dwelling place

In barren, desert land,

Young Santa turned to ‘S;’ and said,

"I hope you’ll understand."

Then Santa gave her all ‘twas left,

Concluding to himself,

"The greatest gift at any time

Is when you give your ‘S’ elf!"

- Author Unkown