Writing Your Own Story

There are a few things necessary when writing your own story, whether it be for a play or a pop-up book, long or short,  you should follow these guidelines.

1. Set up a Setting- Where and when does the story take place. You could write something like this: "It was a cold winter day at school".

2. Introduce Characters - Next it is a good ideas to introduce the characters, the people (animals or whatever you are using) who will be the main characters. "The old history book sat next to the new math book in the dark desk."

3. The Conflict - Present a problem in the story. the problem could be anything that you can think of. Make it appropriate to the characters. "Math book, it is so dark sitting in this desk I wish we had just a little bit of light."

4. The Resolution - Fix the problem. This is usually the longest part of the story. Sometimes it takes a while to resolve the problem. "History Book, I bet if we worked together, we could bring some light in. So Math Book grabbed a nearby pencil and they worked together pushing the pencil up as hard as they could. It lifted the top of the desk and once they wedged the pencil, they had light. "So much better!" History Book said. "All it takes is a little teamwork" Math Book replied.

Have Fun!