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With this selection of TAG Games, you will be busy all summer!
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1. Regular Tag - One person is IT. He/she chases everyone until touching someone else. Once someone else is touched, they are IT. Keep playing until you can't play anymore.

2. Freeze Tag - The person who is it chases everyone. when someone is tagged he/she must remain in their spot (they are frozen) until someone who has not been "frozen" comes to tagged them. Once the "frozen person is tagged by a free person they are also free. The person who is IT tries to get everyone frozen.

3. Walk Tag - regular tag with no running.

4. Nose and Toes Tag - No one who is holding their nose with one had and toes with the other can be tagged.

5. Popcorn Tag - Everyone, including IT jumps up and down like popcorn. Once someone is tagged, they join IT (jumping next to each other), and the two IT's jump around and try and catch everyone else. Once everyone is tagged the game is over. the last one tagged gets to be it the next game.

6. Colored Eggs - a game of tag for younger kids (3-8) but it is fun for older kids too.

7. Doctor Tag - In this game, everyone is it. if someone gets tagged by someone else, the person tagged has to keep one of there own hands on that spot. they still play, trying to tag other players. If they get tagged again, they put there hand in the other spot. They can still continue to play, tagging people with their elbows, or whatever they can use. If they get tagged a third time, they are out of the game.

8. Uncle Sam - Everyone stand at one end of the yard( room) and "It" stands at the other. Everyone shouts "Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam, may we crocs your river dam?" "Uncle Sam" replies "Only if you are wearing...." "Uncle Sam Chooses something (red, a button, a hair clip, white, etc). those who are wearing waht Sam chooses are fee to cross to "Uncle Sam". Once they do cross, "Uncle Sam chases the ones who didn't cross and the one that's tagged is the next "Uncle Sam".

9. Crabs and Crocodiles - A fun and easy tag game played in teams.

10. Bull Ring - This game is played by all the people clasping hands in a circle, with "It" (the bull) in the center. the bull goes up to someone and asks "What is this lock made of?" (meaning the the hands clasped) The person can respond silver, brass, steel, etc. Then the bull has 2 options. He can try and break the clasp or go around and ask his question again. If he/she breaks the clasp, "it" continues running as fast as they can. The group follows and the first one to tag the bull is "It" in the next round.

11. Topic Tag - First pick a topic (colors, T.V. shows, kids songs, etc.) Have "it" chase the rest of the group. If "It" touches someone they have to name something from the chosen topic or they are "It"

12. Copy Cat Tag - Like Regular tag but wherever "It" puts his/her hands so does everyone else (one on head, one on waist, etc)

13. Shadow Tag - Play this one on a sunny day. Just like regular tag, but "It tries to tag a persons' shadow instead of a the person.

14. Turtle Tag - Like Regular tag but your are "safe" when you lay down on your back and put your hands and legs up in the air.

15. Blindfolds and Bells - This tag game require blindfolds and bells. "It" wares the bells and everyone else is blindfolded.

16. Take Tag - First make a circle (use chalk, rope, etc.) Place a bunch of rocks in the circle (or rags, marbles, or whatever else you can find) "It" is in the circle. "It" can tag anyone that is caught in the circle, and they are out of the game. The game ends when either everyone is out, or the rocks are gone. Whoever gets the most rocks, gets to be it.

17. Elbow tag - In this game there must be an even number of players. Everyone (except for the "runner" and the "chaser") find a partner and link elbows the partners place their free hand on their hips so their free elbow sticks out. The Chaser tries to tag the runner. The runner is safe if he links with a someone. When the runner links on to someone, that persons partner (the person on the other side, must un-link and becomes the runner. Once a runner is tagged, they become the chaser. (contributed by Cassandra Spaeth).

18. Flashlight Tag - When it is dark outside, turn off all the lights in the house (or play outside),  Whoever is it gets a flashlight. Whoever is it closes his/her eyes until everyone has hidden. Once everyone has, it can turn on the light. the first one tagged becomes it. Some people may simply remain hiding.

19. Everybody's it! - Just like regular tag except everybody is it! Everyone runs around trying to tag everyone else. Once you are tagged you sit down. Last person standing wins!! (Contributed by Pastor Dwane)

20. Cartoon tag- One person is it and if they are just about to tag you you can say a cartoon. if you don't say a cartoon and they tag you then you are now it.

21. Ghost in the Graveyard - You play this game out side at night the one who is the ghost goes and hide everybody else goes and spins around with there eyes closed in the base saying 1:00 2:00 until they reach midnight/12:00 they go and split up trying to find the ghost when one finds the ghost they yell as loud as they can saying ghost in the graveyard the ghost chases everyone and tries to tag them everybody tries to get base the first person who is tags is the ghost - Chase, age 10

22. Blindfold Tag  - Everyone stands in a circle. The it person is in the middle. IT spins and then stops. The person runs up touches someone. If they guess the name right then that person is it. If not then they go touch someone else.

23. Electricity Tag - Divide into two teams [boys against girls]. Plan two bases. One team goes to a base, doesn't matter which one. The other team is IT. Whenever you want to, you try to run to the other base without getting tagged. If you get tagged you stay in that spot until someone on your team tags you. If you don't get tagged you can stay at your base or try to run back. After about 5 minutes someone yell SWITCH and the other team is It. - Laurel

24. - Spiderwick Tag - There are five positions: the "Jared," the "Mallory," the "Mulgarath," the "goblins" and the "Simon." First, get a book. Then pick someone to be Mulgarath("it"). Then, three people in your team will be Jared, Simon, and Mallory. The "Jared" will hold the book. The rest of the players will be goblins. The "goblins" and "Mulgarath" will chase and try to tag "Jared", "Mallory," and "Simon." The object of the game is for the "goblins" and "Mulgarath" to retrieve the book. The "Jared" must try to protect the book. If Jared gets tagged, the goblins and Mulgarath win. When Simon, or Mallory get tagged, they will lay down on the ground. Jared can tag the other tagees who are on the ground to get them to keep playing. If the goblins and Mulgarath give up, then the tageess win. - Jared, 9

25. Porcupine Tag - You will need clothes pins for this. At the start of the game, clip about 5 clothespins onto the back of each players shirt. Everyone is it and the object is to end up with the most clothespins (quills) on your shirt. You may only take one at a time, and players are safe when they bend on one knee to put their quill on. Play until you're too tired! - Tracy

26. Water Balloon Tag - everybody has a certain amount of water-balloons (everybody has the same amount of them.) then, you throw them and get as many people as you can. if you get hit by a water-balloon sit and watch everybody else play. The last person that hasn't gotten hit is the winner!

27. Snake Tag - (play this in a small room). The one who is the snake has to lay on the ground and slide across the ground while trying to tag people. If the person gets up of the ground he has to choose someone else to be the snake. Grant-9

28. Tag under water -  1 person closes there eyes and counts to 20 and closes them until the end of his or her tern the other players are on one side of the pool when the person that is it tells you to Go you swim to the other side of the pool and try not to get tagged make shore the person that is it closes there eyes that whole time and have fun!!! - Bradley 11

29. Candle Stick Tag - Someone is it. If he/she tags you then you start to melt. If someone does not tag you before your melted then your out until the next round! - Abigail 11


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