talk helps 5 Minute Talk Helps for LDS Youth
Plan a talk for sacrament meeting fast and easy.
talk helps

Tips for Using These Helps
Use these outlines to write your talk.

Outline 1
Outline 2
Outline 3
Outline 4
                 Outline 5 (this one has a special place to read a hymn)

Importance of Scriptures
More to come!

Things you might need:
Hymn book

Introduce your scripture: Make sure you tell who is talking and the setting for your scripture (Ex: This scripture is when Nephi is reprimanding his brothers after they left Jerusalem)

Summarize your scripture: Most times it is a good ideas to explain what your scripture said, in simpler terms and tell what is is important to your talk.

Giving credit for quotes: Make sure you say who said any quotes you share or wrote the text of any hymn you read.

Share your testimony: Always end a talk by bearing your testimony.