Your friends will want to take it apart to see how it was done!

Scotch tape
These printout. (best on heavy paper!)
Printout 1, Printout 2

Follow these directions carefully:

1. Cut out both rectangles.
2. Cut out the dotted lines (NOTICE: they are different on the printouts. Printout 2's small rectangle will come out. Printout 1's won't.)
3. Place the two rectangles on a table touching each other (put the cut out rectangle in its place.)

4. Tape down the center to make one long card.

5. Fold the card in half.

6. Cut the tape where the dotted lines were (two places). Try not to cut the card


7.Open the card. Lay on the table so you can see the printing.

8. Fold the long strip back over printout one

9.Then fold it behind

10. Fold printout 2 in half.

11. Fold that over half of printout 1.

12. Turn the card over.

13. Fold card in half.

14. With a small piece of tape, tape the strip to the back side of the card. Make sure the strip lines up well with the empty space on the back. Also, make sure it is taped well.

15. This is the front of your card. Open it like you would any other card.

Then comes the magic.  Fold it back. Follow the arrow and open it from the center.  Crease it down so it opens easier next time. Follow the arrow again. Make sure to make creases for each turn. Turn until you can't go any more.

10. Your card is now complete! Whew!

Put it back to the front page.

Now write your letter and draw your pictures.

Once you have mastered making this card, make your own, but remember to put the arrows in or no one will know to keep opening!