Airplane Ride

A board strong enough to stand on (about 12 inches by 3 feet), when lifted
A good blindfold
Two strong people for lifting
One person to be a guide

 This is an experience few people forget. Blindfold someone (the rider) who has never played (make sure that all those who have not played, leave the room, so they can also have the experience). Have the rider stand on the board and put their hands on the guides shoulders (the guide should be standing right in front of the rider, but not on the board). Tell the rider that the board is going to be lifted. Have the lifters lift the board about 3 inches off the ground. Shake it a bit, like it is hard to lift. The guide tells the person that they are going to take it higher. The guide will then start shrinking slowly, getting lower and lower, all the time the person thinks they are going higher and higher. Tell the person to bend over, their head is about to touch the ceiling! Have everyone that is watching play along. "You are getting high! Watch your head". (The guide just keeps getting lower and lower). And then.... the guide backs up a bit and says "JUMP!" the person thinks they are jumping from 5 feet when actually they are only jumping from 3 inches.