Two pencils
Slips of Paper
Watch or timer

Split the group into two even teams. Have the teams separate so that they can' hear each other. Have them come up with twice as many puzzles as their are people on a team. (everyone will get two chances to act out a charade). The best idea is to establish at the first what the puzzles can be. Most include the following topics: TV, Movie, Book, or Song, but it is at the discretion of the players if they want to add more topics. Once they have the topics on individual slips of paper, each team puts them in a separate bowl.

Pick someone from Team A to go first. That person goes to the Team B bowl and gets a slip of paper. After reading it, and thinking about it for a minute, They have two minutes (120 seconds), without talking or making any noise,  to get their team, Team A, to guess it. Two minutes is the maximum time, if they go over that, they still just get 120 seconds on their score.


The team with the least seconds after all the topics are gone, wins.